Uncertified child seats being sold on the Internet!?

The Japanese Ministry of Land,Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism released a public awareness video talking about the importance of child seats and the dangers associated with using uncertified ones.

Child seats need to both conform to industry standards and also be used properly otherwise the child’s life cannot be safeguarded. Apparently, there are child seats currently being sold on the Internet that do not have stickers on their boxes indicating that they conform to the nation’s safety standards (known as uncertified child seats).

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) actually purchased 7 of these uncertified models and tested them, results showing that they indeed did not hold up against national safety standards.

As a result, MLIT produced and posted a video to their homepage as a public service announcement detailing the importance of using a child seat when driving with small children and how uncertified child seats can threaten children’s safety.

The video shows off testing performed with crash dummies to highlight the importance of proper child seat usage.

Translated by: Bryce Clarke