Times Car Rental launches Bebot AI concierge service

Times Mobility Networks announced that it launched the Bebot AI (artificial intelligence) concierge chat bot service operated in collaboration with Bespoke for visitors to Japan at the Times Car Rental Narita Airport branch on June 19.

The number of people visiting Japan is expected to increase in the coming years and more visitors are expected to use Times Car Rental’s services. Times Car Rental currently runs a website in various languages (including English, Chinese and Korean) and a 24-hour phone service for ten languages, and publishes a pamphlet with information on Japanese traffic laws and gas stations.

Now, it’s added the Bebot AI concierge service to its list of services to help visitors enjoy Japan comfortably. Bebot is a system that allows users to chat with a computer that gives automatic responses via Facebook, Messenger and other smartphone messaging services. It can respond to various requests while in Japan, from asking for directions to Times Car Rental’s Narita Airport branch, to asking for tourist information or making restaurant reservations.

Times Car Rental’s Narita Airport branch, which sees a great number of users from overseas, is running a free trial campaign for three months. Depending on the response, it plans to roll out the service to branches all across Japan.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu

(Translated by Greg Scott)