Duel GP, drivable race car attraction, opens at Suzuka Circuit March ’18

Suzuka Circuit announced a new attraction in their GP Field area where visitors can experience the joy and intensity of motorsports called Duel GP.

The new attraction is a 2 man type of roller coaster, the first of its kind in the world, that the people riding it can actually control. While racing down a course modelled after Suzuka Circuit’s International Race Course at high speeds, riders are given access to steering the ride as they try to gain precious seconds over their rival.

Other than battling it out on the course, riders can also choose to experience the thrill of what it feels like going even faster than the racers do, and the ride also spins the machine out if one messes up on an input for detracted speed. On the many technical corners riders will need to be very precise in their machine control, making Duel GP for a racing attraction a completely new experience.

Written by: Toshiya Hanabusa

Translated by Bryce Clarke