Lexus RC F GT3 races into the EU GT Open

It was announced on February 28 that Lexus’ race car, the RC GT3, would participate in European motorsports events this year. The vehicle will be shown off at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017.

The Lexus RC F GT3, the high end race car variant of Lexus’ two door coupe the RC, known as the RC F, that has been developed to meet international GT3 standards. The car’s aggressively aerodynamic body really stands out.

It has already been decided that the RC F GT3 will race in Japanese and American circuits during the 2017 season, but the car will also participate in the European International GT Open Series on the Farnbacher Racing and Emil Frey Racing teams.

The Lexus RC F GT3 has a 5.4 liter V8 gasoline engine that gets more than 500hp. The car has a 6 speed sequential transmission and weighs 1,300kg.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)