Mercedes-Benz announces F1 W08, maiden voyage and reception

Mercedes-Benz, consistently doing well in the Constructors’ Title for the past three years, announced on February 23 in Silverstone, England their new racing machine for 2017, the F1 W08.

Last year marked the third year in a row that Mercedes-Benz had won both the drivers’ and constructors’ portions of the event. While their new champion Nico Rosberg announced that he was leaving the team suddenly after the season ended, the team saw a little bit of a ruckus after that, quickly appointing Valtteri Bottas among other things. Still, the team has reorganised and is ready to reveal their new machine before testing begins.

On February 23, along with the unveiling of their new machine at Silverstone, they also held a shakedown race. Bottas also appeared at the event wearing his team Mercedes suit for the first time.

The F1 W08, in addition to external changes made to meet new regulations, has also had significant changes made to aero parts located around the side pod.

The actually efficacy of these changes is left to be seen through testing, but it seems that the company was quickly able to get the car up to snuff for the new regulations and has had quite a few tricks pulled out in terms of its design.

During the shakedown race, Lewis Hamilton and Bottas both raced, both grabbing the steering wheel for the first time since joining the champion team. While it’s though that Hamilton is the better of the two racers, the Mercedes team is certain to keep us on our toes this upcoming season.

Written by Tomohiro Yoshita

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)