Toyota Land Cruiser #327 that won the commercial vehicle class

Dakar 2017: Toyota president takes pride in group’s participation

On 15 January, Dakar Rally racers finally reached the end of their race in South America. Toyota Motors president Akio Toyoda offered some comments regarding the Toyota Group’s participation in the race.

The Toyota Team Land Cruiser raced in this year’s Dakar Rally has won the last 4 years in the commercial vehicle class, and the Hino Team Sugawara’s Ranger netted its 8th consecutive win in the truck class.

In addition, the South African Toyota Team, Toyota Gazoo Racing finished 5th overall, and Overdrive Toyota also saw 4th overall.

Toyota president Toyoda commented that “That our comrades, under the Toyota seal, persevered through the difficult trials of the Dakar Rally and came out on top is something that I take deep pride in.”

Furthermore, of the 79 four-wheeler vehicles that participated in the race, 36 of them were Toyotas. Mr. Toyoda also touched on this, stating that “that so many teams look to Toyota for vehicles to overcome the treacherous Dakar Rally is something that makes me truly grateful.” “We hope that our Toyota Group can continue to support these drivers and are looking to build even better cars in the future.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]