2016 Honda Thanks Day

2016 Honda Thanks Day: This year’s “dream races” feature Alonso, Pedrosa and more

On December 4, Honda held the 2016 Honda Racing Thanks Day at Twin Ring Motegi, where there were “dream races” given by this season’s F1 drivers and MotoGP riders.

The event featured drivers and riders from Japan and all over the world. Particularly popular were Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, who competed in the F1 with McLaren Honda. There were four participants from this season’s MotoGP including champion Marc Marquez and teammate Dani Pedrosa. There were various events starting from morning including cart races and demo rides on historic racing machines, with cheering fans on the sidelines.

This year as always, drivers and riders held “dream races” switching from machine to machine. Alonso raced alongside Marquez in an RC213V, just like last year. Pedrosa ran the course with Button in the Super GT NSX Concept GT.

Alonso, who put on a surprising performance in last season’s MotoGP, had a helmet designed with colors to match his machine. Again, he and Marquez outpaced last year’s race.

Button raced the NSX Concept-GT at a speed equaling racing pace in a race that was even more exciting than expected. Pedrosa also did amazing things for his first time in a GT machine.

The event featured 4-wheel and 2-wheel performances that you don’t normally get to see. For the 20,000 fans at Twin Ring Motegi, it was a dream collaboration.

(Translated by Greg Scott)