2017 Honda NSX-GT GT500

Super GT: Honda unveils NSX-GT for GT500 2017 season

On November 2, Honda unveiled the NSX-GT racer for the 2017 season Super GT series / GT500 class on its website.

Nissan, Lexus and Honda are the three automakers that dominate the GT500. For the 2014 season, the GT500’s technical provisions were changed a great deal and Honda responded with the NSX Concept-GT. With further changes for the 2017 season, it will race the NSX-GT.

The NSX-GT already carried out tests open to the public along with the Lexus LC500 and Nissan GT-R for the new season at Kyushu Autopolis last month. The removal of the word “Concept” from the name hints that it might be sold to the mass market.

In order to prevent the GT500 machines from speeding up too fast, the new guidelines for 2017 require a 25% decrease in downforce as a cornering speed control measure to improve safety. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how each company has further developed their machines to meet the new requirements.

Three of next season’s GT500 machines are expected to be presented at this season’s last race on November 11 at Twin Ring Motegi.

(Translated by Greg Scott)