2016 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship

2017 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship sees 145,000 attendees, with 72,000 on final day

The 2016 Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship was held at Suzuka Circuit from October 7 to 9. On the final day, there were 72,000 attendees. The total number of attendees for all three days reached 145,000 people.

There were fears that nasty weather and an approaching typhoon would hurt attendance, but with the exception of part of Saturday’s 3rd free run, the weather was dry, and the final stages of the race saw sunny weather.

Without last year’s broadcast or any Japanese drivers, this year’s attendance on the final day was 9,000 less than last year’s. With only 145,000 attendees for all three days, it was the lowest attended Japanese Grand Prix Formula One Championship to date. Although some say that the popularity of F1 is waning in Japan, a look at the attendees inside the venue found a great deal of young fans and female fans, which we haven’t seen in years past. This gives the impression that a great number of fans will still be enjoying the races.

At the main gate after the final race was a banner reading, “Let’s make next year’s Grand Prix the best in history!” With fans taking commemorative pictures there, it seemed like many regretted that the event had to end.

The tentative schedule for next year’s Grand Prix is October 6 to 8, 2017.

(Translated by Greg Scott)