Suzuka Circuit Queens

Suzuka Circuit puts out call for 39th annual Circuit Queens

From August 18, Suzuka Circuit is putting out a call for applicants for Suzuka Circuit Queens for its racing events.

In addition to assisting at motorsports events and other events, Suzuka Circuit Queens perform a variety of PR duties to promote the circuit at races and events in local areas. For the position, Suzuka Circuit is looking for women who are lively and healthy.

The circuit will only accept a few. It is looking for women over 18 who are bright and healthy. They must be unmarried and love racing and children. Applicants must submit an application from Suzuka Circuit and a resume that include information such as height, weight, bust-waist-hip measurements, shoe size and a personal introduction explaining why they should be accepted. They must also submit two color photos, one of which shows their whole body and the other only from the waist up. The deadline is November 30.

The winners will receive a gift card for 50,000 yen and a free pass that allows lifetime admission to Suzuka Circuit upon termination of contract. The contract is for a period of one year from March 2017 to March 2018.

(Translated by Greg Scott)