Global MX-5 Cup

Test-drive event for Global MX-5 Cup to be held on August 25

Ahead of the start of Global MX-5 Cup Japan in 2017, B-Sports will be holding test-drives involving these vehicles on August 25.

This event will be held at Tsukuba Circuit’s Course 2000. The course has been reserved for a couple of hours for guests to experience the true potential of a cup car. Each test driver will have around 15 minutes on the circuit.

The event will also feature as presenters, Tom Long, a full-time driver with Mazda Motorsports and the person in charge of developing Cup cars, as well as Nobuhiro Yamamoto who was the leading developer of the MX-5 (Roadster) and its ambassador.

The event is limited to 15 participants who are considering competing in the 2017 series of Global MX-5 Cup Japan. Those who order a cup car by August 10 can apply free-of-charge, while those considering its purchase are required to pay 32,400 yen (the entire amount will be refunded upon purchase). However, participants are required to have at least a JAF domestic A license.

Applications are being accepted through Global MX-5 Cup Japan’s official website until 5pm on August 10. If the number of applications exceeds its limit, priority will be given to those who have purchased a cup car while a lottery will be conducted for everyone else.