New Acura NSX that won Time Attack 2 at Pike's Peak

Video: New Honda NSX wins Pike’s Peak Hill Climb in mass market class

There’s a new video on the internet of the new Acura NSX, which won June’s 100th Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb in the mass market category.

Two NSXs competed in this year’s Hill Climb. They competed in the Time Attack 1 and Time Attack 2 categories. This was the North American race debut for the new NSX.

The NSX that competed in Time Attack 2 is basically the same as the mass market model but with some added safety features. Both were developed by the North America division of Honda’s engineering team.

The NSX that competed in Time Attack 2 won in that category. Its time was 10:28:820. Of the 77 cars that entered the competition, only 20 made it to the end.

(Translated by Greg Scott)