2006 Honda RA106

Honda Collection Hall to display 30 historic F1 machines from Aug 20 to Oct 10

The Honda Collection Hall will host the All Honda F1 Machine Special Exhibition from August 20 to October 10.

The event this year is a further evolution of last year’s All Honda F1 Machine Special Exhibit. This year includes the first-ever showing of the McLaren-Honda MP4-30 and the first appearance in four years of the RA302 air-cooled engine.

A total of 30 F1 machines will appear at the exhibition including the Williams Honda FW11B (Nelson Piquet, 1987), Lotus Honda 99T (Satoru Nakajima, 1987), and McLaren-Honda MP4/4 (Ayrton Senna, 1988). The Four-Wheel Race Car floor will be packed with regular formula cars and touring cars.

The entrance fee is 1,000 yen for adults (high school and over). Junior high students and younger get in free.

(Translated by Greg Scott)