Honda NSX Prototype

2016 Suzuka Fan Appreciation Day: Honda’s time-handicap race to feature all-new NSX

Honda Motorsports will be holding a time-handicap race at the 2016 Motorsports Fan Appreciation Day to be held on March 12 & 13 at Suzuka Circuit.

The lineup of sports cars participating in the event will feature the all-new Honda NSX. This will mark its first appearance at Suzuka Circuit. The new NSX will compete against the all-new Civic Type R, the S660, the CR-Z, and other Honda sports cars. The start time of the race will be adjusted for each car according to its performance capabilities. All the attention will be on the NSX, which will start last in order, to see how quickly it can overtake the other cars.

Drivers participating in the event include the father and son combination of Jean Alesi & Juliano Alesi (S660), Takuya Izawa (Civic Type R), Koudai Tsukakoshi (CR-Z), Tomoki Nojiri (CR-Z), and Naoki Yamamoto (NSX).