#1 Yoshimasa Sugawara & Mitsugu Takahashi

2016 Dakar Rally: Hino Team Sugawara #2 got stuck at the end of race, achieves 14th place in the overall SS rank

On January 13, the 2016 Dakar Rally was conducted from Belén to La Rioja in Argentina. It was held in the Fiambalá desert, which is the most difficult part of this rally.

Fiambalá has a high temperature, white soft sand hills, and fesh fesh. Since the Dakar Rally was transferred to South America in 2009, this area has been used many times as a stage with a high level of difficulty. It’s the only desert area stage in this rally, and it has gathered a ton of attention.

On this day, the starting time was delayed because of a strong thunderstorm. Because of this, the simultaneous start of the top-ranking machines of each division was canceled, and the distance of the SS area was shortened from 278km to 244.7km (in Checkpoint 5).

The #2 Hino Ranger of Hino Team Sugawara led by Teruhito Sugawara and Hiroyuki Sugiura, which qualified to the top 10 in SS area on January 12, continuously moved at a fast pace. It started at 9th place in the rankings, rose up to 6th place in the middle of the neutral zone from Checkpoint 2, and then dashed to 4th place in Checkpoint 4. However, they unfortunately got stuck on a sand hill in the final stage, and lost approximately one hour. They achieved 14th place in the overall rank, and 1st place in the below 10L engine category. On the other hand, the #1 Hino Ranger led by Yoshimasa Sugawara and Mitsugu Takahashi started this stage at 31st place in the rankings, and while the other machines got stuck, they had an excellent performance and slowly rose up the ranks. They achieved 25th place in the overall ranking, and 2nd place in their class.

As a result, the #2 achieved 14th place in the overall rank, and remained 1st place in the below 10L engine class. Then the #1 achieved 28th place in the overall ranking, and 2nd place in its class. Both machines kept their one-two finish system for this race.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)