#1 Yoshimasa Sugawara & Mitsugu Takahashi

2016 Dakar Rally: Hino Team Sugawara achieved one-two finish for this race

The 2016 Dakar Rally was held on January 6th, on a 419km loop course originating from San Salvador de Jujuy in Northern Argentina.

The maximum elevation in the SS area among the mountains near the national border of Bolivia is 4,100m high, and this race’s actual high ground stage has an average of 3,500m in height. The race will continue for several days at higher lands from here, and they have to pass through a 4,700m-high area on January 7 towards Uyuni, Bolivia.

On January 6, they moved from the SS starting point up to the goal at a 3,800m-high area during the 100km Liaison stage from the bivouac in Jujuy. From there, they raced one clockwise lap on the loop course. The truck category had a different route from the motorcycles and cars at the opening of mountain areas, and the mileage was around 10km/419 km. The trucks exited from an expansive piste midway through the SS; it was a high speed stage where they had to travel at high speed for longer hours.

In the SS, the Hino Team Sugawara had a tough fight with the help of the Hino Ranger’s high mobility, which is one of its defining characteristics. The #2 Hino Ranger of Teruhito Sugawara and Hiroyuki Sugiura achieved rank 19 overall, and 1st place for the sub-10L engine displacement category, while the #1 Hino Ranger of Yoshimasa Sugawara and Mitsugu Takahashi also finished the tough race at rank 30 in overall ranking, and achieving 2nd place in its own category. Both the #1 and the #2 finished their first race in their respective categories for this racing event.

On this day, they were currently on the Marathon Stage so they were not allowed to call for servicing assistance at the bivouac. In the Marathon stage, the vehicles were isolated in the Parc-Fermes; therefore, all vehicles will be starting the race on the 7th as is, in the condition when they arrived at Jujuy. The #2 Hino Ranger had a flat left tire before the start of the race, so the tire was changed. The two machines had no trouble in finishing the race and were heading towards Bolivia without any trouble.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)