Takamoto Katsuta

Gazoo Racing presents training plan for young rally drivers in 2016

On December 21, 2015, Toyota Gazoo Racing presented the driver’s training plan for the 2016 Rally Challenge Program.

This program began in 2015 as a support program for training young drivers, who will be actively participating in global rallies. Takamoto Katsuta and Hiroki Arai, who were chosen from the tryouts, began their training in Europe last June 2015, through the lead of Tommi Mäkinen Racing. This program will also continue in 2016 through the support of Tommi Mäkinen Racing.

They will conduct the enhancement of basic driving skills through on-ice and on-the-snow training in Finland this winter season. Contrary to the winter training progress, they will have further a training step-up in summer.

And just like last year, they aim to develop these drivers’ abilities through this program for them to participate in Finland’s national rally championship series, as Europe is the home of rally events.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)