Alonso rode a MotoGP motorcycle as a surprise

2015 Honda Racing Thanks Day: Alonso’s first time to attend the event, he surprisingly rode a MotoGP machine after driving NSX

The 2015 Honda Racing Thanks Day was held in Twin Ring Motegi this year as well. Fernando Alonso of McLaren Honda attended the event, and he participated in various activities such as demo racing.

For Alonso, who participated in racing activities with Honda power units starting this year, this is his first time to attend the Honda Racing Thanks Day. As he stepped on the grandstand filled with many fans, he was assigned to do a demo run for various machines.

First, he did a demo run for the Honda NSX Concept-GT Super GT machine.
Alonso, who rode the #99 car for development use, entered the course together with Takuma Sato, who will drive the NSX that was launched in Japan the other day. For Alonso, it was his first time to drive a machine in Twin Ring Motegi, and it was also his first time to drive a GT500 machine. But when he got the hang of driving it, he went ahead of Takuma as he drove faster. He showed an aggressive performance in driving starting from Lap 2, where there were a lot of curbs.

Alonso drove with full power in Lap 1, and he smiled as he disembarked from the machine. He liked the NSX Concept-GT, yet he also said, “I just feel a little regret for Lap 3.”

After that, he also participated in the N-One Owner’s Cup exhibition match, drove the McLaren Honda MP4/6, and made the Honda V12 engine make some noise.

Then, he had a surprise at the finale. Alonso, who wore a Honda riding suit, entered the course and drove the RC213V MotoGP machine until out of the pit. In order to follow Alonso, Marquez drove inside the course with the NSX Concept-GT. The fans were also very happy at the special surprise that they experienced only in Honda Racing Thanks Day.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)