2015 NISMO Festival (2015 NISMO Festival at Fuji Speedway)

2015 Nissan Festival: Old & new Nissan cars were gathered at Fuji Speedway, report about Super GT class victories

NISMO conducted the 2015 NISMO Festival at Fuji Speedway, a thanksgiving event for NISMO fans this year. Active machines and drivers from each category gathered in the event. About 30,000 people attended the event, and this year’s event was also a great success.

Many fans arrived in Fuji Speedway since early in the morning, and the weather was also clear. They enjoyed various activities including the Circuit Safari, Circuit Taxi, and other similar racing cars. The event venue also had a huge talk show stage, a stage for promo girls, and a talk show for drivers.

There was also a demo run for cars of successive generations at the course, and the attendees got so excited with the demo racing that was led by the GT-R, which participated in the Super GT and overseas GT3 racing events, and the Fairlady Z that participated in the Super Taikyu (Super Endurance) race.

They got the Champion title in both classes in Super GT and Super Taikyu’s ST3 class. Nissan also conquered in the Blancpain GT Series overseas, and the machines that they directly supported won in a total of four categories.
The four machines were gathered near the grandstand, where the fans stayed, at the grand finals. They received flowers from children who were supporting them, and they also addressed their message of gratitude to their fans. Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli, who won two consecutive championship titles in the GT500 class, already swore to achieve the championship to their fans: “We aim to win for the third time next time, and we will also be preparing while still in the off-season period.”

Also, Nissan presented their traditional champion number for the first time, which was also conducted last year. They unveiled the number 0, which was also the official number of the Gainer Tanax GT-R in the GT300 class. They peeled off the sticker and unveiled its new number, which was led by André Couto, Katsumasa Chiyo, and Ryuichiro Tomita. Then, Matsuda and Quintarelli, who won two consecutive championships in the GT500 class, also revealed their new number 1, and they received a lot of support from their fans.

Lastly, NISMO CEO Shoichi Miyatani addressed his greetings, “We were able to make this year a year for the GT-R. Despite the very high level of competition for the GT500 class, we were able to manage to win with one machine in the finals. We were also able to attain victory at the Nürburgring against our European rivals during the FIA-GT3 European Championship. We bagged four championship titles in the GT500 in the past five years, and we don’t intend to slow down for it next year as well. We will continue to do our very best.” The event ended with full cheers for Nissan.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)