Williams Honda FW11 (1986)

Photo Feature: Honda Collection brings out the Williams FW11

Honda held a test run to check the condition of the vehicles in its Honda Collection Hall on August 25 at the Twin Link Motegi South Course. Here are pictures of the Williams FW11, which Honda introduced in 1986.

Its response to the rising horsepower competition was a 1.5L turbo engine capable of 1000ps which improved its fuel efficiency so that it burned only 195 liters compared to the previous year’s 220. This engine was developed for the FW11.

Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet raced the FW11. Mansell got 5 victories and Piquet 4 to win 9 of the 16 rounds. It was also the first Honda machine to win the coveted constructors’ title.

(Translated by Greg Scott)