Outlander PHEV at 2015 Asia Cross Country Rally

Photo Feature: Outlander PHEV takes home 1st in its class at 2015 Asia Cross Country Rally

The Outlander PHEV first took up the challenge of the Asia Cross Country Rally in 2013. With just a momentary pause, the Outlander PHEV has successfully finished the Asia Cross Country Rally three years in a row now.

The Asia Cross Country Rally starts in Thailand and runs into neighboring countries, but this year due to government troubles in those countries, it was run within Thailand only. Due to, oddly enough, a bomb in Bangkok, the goal was reached early.

The Outlander PHEV was run by Two & Four Motor Sports with the machines and technology provided by Mitsubishi. The power unit and chassis were both given performance tuning for the race which caused some trouble, but the trouble was overcome and the Outlander PHEV took home first place.

(Translated by Greg Scott)