Team Kagayama

Suzuka 8 Hours: Ryuichi Kiyonari briefly returns from England to join pretesting with Team Kagayama

The second public pretesting for the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race was held on July 7 and 8 in Suzuka Circuit.

Team Kagayama (Suzuki) joins the race for the third time in three consecutive years with team owner Yukio Kagayama and rider Noriyuki Haga. Ryuichi Kiyonari, who won four times in the Suzuka 8 Hours, also joined the team as a surprise rider.

Kiyonari currently participates in the BMW British Superbike Championship this year. Kagayama attended the previous joint pretesting alone, but Kiyonari entered the Suzuka Circuit all the way from England on the first day of the race and collaborated with the team; they proceeded then with the test. The three members gathered together before the final race week, making this their first and last test.

This joint pretesting was launched in a rainy season; the rain on the second day was anticipated. In the six scheduled sessions, all except two sessions on the second day were under wet condition. The Team Kagayama also has a joint pretesting next week, and as Kagayama and Haga planned to join the race event, they focused on Kiyonari’s riding practice since it’s his first time to race with a Suzuki motorcycle.

For the results, the No. 17 Team Kagayama achieved 2’20.439 lap time under wet condition, and 2’8.559 lap time under dry condition. Kiyonari logged the top time for the group. Kiyonari finished the two-day pretesting and went back to England. Kagayama and Haga are scheduled to make further adjustments to the settings for next week’s joint pretesting.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)