#1 Toyota

2015 24-Hours of Le Mans: 6 hours has passed, Toyota and Nissan experience trouble while Porsche remains in first place

Six hours has passed since the start of the 2015 24-hours of Le Mans Endurance Race. The #17 Porsche (T. Bernhard/M. Webber/B. Hartley) is still defending its first place position. It is followed by the Audi fleet.

In the venue, the sun is about to set and the night session’s about to begin. At the same time, unfortunate accidents and vehicle trouble has started to occur one after another.

The #7 vehicle which the Audi fleet has been pursuing from the beginning had a flat tire and went to the emergency pit stop. The #8 vehicle had a crash at the side of the Indianapolis, just as it was about to enter three hours since the start of the race. They returned to the course after the immediate repair work. The safety car then entered to allow repair restoration of the part of the guardrail where they crashed. At that point, the GTE Am class Porsche produced white smoke and stopped. They handled the oil leakage, thus the safety car continued to lead for about 40 minutes.

The Japan fleet got unlucky when the race resumed. The #21 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, which had its race debut, had an electrical trouble and proceeded to the garage. Their ranking dropped to 37th place overall, as they repeatedly went pit in and out several times. However, they continued doing powerful laps.

Furthermore, #1 Toyota (A. Davidson) which was running in sixth place crashed after five hours since the start of the race. Its right front fender was damaged. In addition, the damage reached the rear suspension and it took about 12 minutes to be repaired. He’s currently on ninth place, five laps behind the top. Kazuki Nakajima boarded the vehicle and is catching up.

2015 24-Hours of Le Mans Race, 6 hours has passed in the finals
1. #17 Porsche (92 laps)
2. #7 Audi (+4.5 seconds)
3. #9 Audi (+9.5 seconds)
4. #18 Porsche (+1 minute and 24 seconds)
5. #19 Porsche (+1 minute and 41 seconds)
6. #8 Audi (1 lap delay)
7. #2 Toyota (1 lap delay)
8. #12 Rebellion (4 laps delay)
9. #1 Toyota (5 laps delay)
10. #13 Rebellion (6 laps delay)
22. #22 Nissan (11 laps delay)
23. #21 Nissan (14 laps delay)
24. #23 Nissan (16 laps delay)

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)