Hiroki Arai

Toyota to train two young drivers who will race in Europe

The Toyota Gazoo Racing Challenge Program supports young racers. Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced the names of the young racers who will compete in the world rally.

Toyota Gazoo Racing began this program on February 19. It targets young racers under 26 years of age who have experience in competitions recognized by the JAF, regardless of the category. Seventy-one applicants sent their entries until March 9, the last day of the application.

Seven were chosen during the document screening. Four out of seven passed the initial screening. The second screening was performed in late April until early May in Finland. In addition to the physical fitness and psychological evaluations that sports organizations and the world’s greatest athletes use, they underwent driving tests in rally cross tracks and forest roads. In the overall evaluation, the lecturers, which included Tommi Mäkinen, selected Hiroki Arai and Takamoto Katsuta.

Hereafter, Mikko Hirvonen and a number of Finnish lecturers will join Tommi Mäkinen. The training is scheduled to begin around the end of June in Finland. In addition to the training, there will be opportunities to compete this year, such as the Finnish Championships and the wildcard entry in the Polish Championships.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)