2015 Motor Sports Japan

2015 Motor Sports Japan: Event to promote the racing season draws 97,000 attendees

The 2015 Motor Sports Japan Festival In Odaiba was held April 11 and 12. This year, the event saw a total of 97,188 attendees.

This year’s event was held in the spring to coincide with the beginning of the motor sports season. The D1 machine that’s slated to run at Super GT and Super Formula made an appearance. With racing machines from the Le Mans 24, Nürburgring and WRC were lined up and the lively atmosphere of the kickoff of a race was recreated.

At the 2nd day’s ceremony, a greeting was given by Masahiko Kondo, who served as supervisor of the first year’s event. He pledged to make the event even more exciting in coming years, saying, “This year, we’re holding the event in spring to welcome the start of the motor sports season. Japan offers many categories of racing and currently races such as the Super GT and Super Formula are gaining a great deal of attention overseas as well. Even if this event brings only one new fan to motor sports, I hope it expands the fan base of motor sports. I hope that everyone will continue to tell others and help to promote this event.”

Although rain hampered the first day of the event so that like last year the total two days didn’t break 100,000 attendees, the second day when skies were clear saw an increase over the second day last year at 64,606 attendees. The majority of these attendees appear to be people who have never attended a circuit race. With attendees flocking to the impressive demo runs, an engine start demonstration attendees could witness up-close, and demo tire changes, this once-a-year festival is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy all that motor sports has to offer.

(Translated by Greg Scott)