Shinden Yon

2015 Tokyo Motorcycle Show: Team Mugen to unveils EV racer Shinden Yon

M-Tec and Team Mugen (team representative Satoshi Katsumata) stands at the top of the Isle of Man TT race with the world’s fastest EV motorcycle. The Mugen Shinden Yon, an all-electric race bike, was unveiled for the first time at the 2015 Tokyo Motorcycle Show on March 27.

Since 2012, Team Mugen has been participating in the EV motorcycle class in the Isla of Man TT race.
After the introduction of the ‘Shinden’ name, a new Chinese numerical character has been used to describe the incoming racer built from scratch, year after year.

The output on the Shinden Yon is worth big attention. Shinden Yon generates a maximum output of 110kW(149.6ps) further exceeding the Shinden San that led the team to a one-two finish in 2014. And its vehicle weight is 250kg, 10kg lesser than the Shinden San.

Miyata said on an interview last year, “Next time, we want to challenge the reciprocating engine’s 1000cc class, that’s what we are aiming for.” as they expect to achieve that goal.

On another note, John McGuinness has established a record with the Shinden San, which had an average speed of 117.366 miles (188.84km). He was followed by Bruce Anstey who rode the Shinden San and had an average speed of 115.048 miles (185km/hr).

“It takes 50 years for a reciprocating engine to break through 100 miles per hour at the Isle of Man. But we broke through in only three to four years. This speed is the same level as the 600cc class.” (Miyata)

The total length, width, height were not changed on all Shinden racers, remaining to be 2155mm × 680mm × 1130mm all throughout. However, the seat is 790mm. It is 50mm lower when you compare it to the 840mm of the first Shinden.

The participation structure is that of a two-person two-unit system, implied to be pattern after the TT’s strongest riders, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey.

Team Mugen will participate in the finals of the Zero Challenge on June 10. It will start on 18:45 Japan time. The race will be broadcasted through the internet from the local Manx radio station.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)