Demo run of the Suzuki GSX-RR which is making its comeback this year in the Moto GP

2015 Suzuka Fan Appreciation Day: Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki make a quick demo run

Demo runs with three bikes from the world-renowned Moto GP were held at the 2015 Motor Sports Fan Appreciation Day at Suzuka Circuit.

This year Suzuki returns to the Moto GP for the first time in four years. One of the bikes was a GSX-RR with specs for this season. The second was the Yamaha YZR-M1, which just did a test run at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit. The third was the RC213V which Marc Márquez took the championship with. All three are the latest offerings by their respective Japanese makers.

Originally, there were supposed to be four demo runs, but due to the light rain, there was only one. Still, the roaring sound of Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha could be heard tearing through Main Street.

Development rider Nobuatsu Aoki, who rode the Suzuki bike, gave an opening address welcoming back Moto GP, saying, “Sorry to have kept you Suzuki fans waiting!” Yamaha rider Katsuyuki Nakasuka and Honda rider Takumi Takahashi also commented, saying, “It’s too bad that we can only do one round today but tomorrow we’ll make up for it.”

The demo event was also set for the next day. The next day’s forecast called for sun and the fans were eagerly anticipating seeing the rest of the demo runs.

(Translated by Greg Scott)