Leimer Drove team Mugen's vehicle at the SF Okayama last year in December

Super Formula: Team Mugen cancels 2013 GP2 champion Leimer’s participation

Team Mugen has participated in All Japan Championship Super Formula (SF). On March 6, they announced that they will be terminating the contract with Fabio Leimer, who decided to participate this season on the team’s behalf.

2013 GP2 Series champion Fabio Leimer will no longer be racing in the Japanese Super Formula series this season after parting from Team Infinite Mugen. It has been officially announced at the Honda motorsports activity conference that he will participate in the SF in a two car system with Naoki Yamamoto (2013 SF Champion).

“Upon receiving Leimer’s word that he could not fulfill the terms of agreement that has been executed by our company, it resulted to a mutual discussion between both parties. Unfortunately, we decided to cancel the contract.” the team’s side commented on that day’s official announcement. Despite all of this, there have been no changes to Yamamoto’s participation including the team’s structure. They will do their best to be able to compete in the two car system despite bringing in a substitute for Leimer.

This season’s SF will have 20 entry units due to the expansion of the two car systems of Kondo Racing, as announced yesterday. However, it returned to 19 units for the time being (eight units from Honda and 11 units from Toyota). This season’s first SF official test (There is as SF public test on the Suzuka Fan Appreciation Day on March 8) will be held on March 9 until March 10. Its entry list has also been announced this day. However, the registration of team Mugen entered only one vehicle with Yamamoto. Thus there are only 19 units on the list.

Because the record holder acquired the championship in the GP2 of F1 category, what kind of performance will he show at the SF. Its unfortunate for the fans and officials that Leimer cancelled his participation. In addition, there is a possibility that the current single car systemization will experience set-backs in terms of data collection. That effect will be a certain concern for Yamamoto who aims to recapture the throne for team Mugen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)