McLaren Technology Group's CEO Ron Dennis (right) with Honda's President Takanobu Ito

Honda F1: McLaren’s CEO Ron Dennis “We want to reproduce our partnership from the 80s”

At a press conference on February 10 with Honda’s President Takanobu Ito, McLaren Technology Group’s CEO Ron Dennis stated, “We’ve formed an unparalleled relationship with Honda yet again. We want to reproduce our partnership from the 1980s.”

Dennis was alluding to the success of McLaren Honda over 25 years ago when in 1988 the team captured 15 of the 16 races and was labeled “The greatest achievement in the history of F1”. He believes in the chemistry of the team as he added, “Despite the challenges due to our cultural differences, we’ve been able to build a trust between our engineers over the past two years.”

To their Japanese fans, Dennis stated, “I hope to celebrate a world championship in the near future. It may take some time but we’ll definitely make that happen.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)