Unveiled 2015 Subaru Motor Sport system

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Iguchi shares his eagerness towards GT300 championship

The Subaru team unveiled their system for 2015 at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC on January 9. Takuto Iguchi who decided to drive the BRZ at the GT300 in Super GT this year, told us about his eagerness towards the camp’s first championship.

Subaru team took the spot together with its third driver at the 2012 International Suzuka 1000km. This was supported by the BRZ’s first championship. Its performance was recognized and Iguchi was appointed as the regular driver succeeding Tetsuya Yamano who had pulled the team so far. He earned second place podium in the third Autopolis and was awarded with an impressive victory in the fifth round of Fuji which very blustery due to the bad weather.

This season, the team decided to significantly change their system in order to aim for victory. The Ace Kota Sasaki has already retired, but Hideki Yamauchi became the new member. The young duo, together with Iguchi, aim for the championship title.

Iguchi will become the successor of the title, Subaru’s Ace, that was previously carried by Yamano and handed down to Sasaki. However, Iguchi is not thinking about the pressure in particular, but the other way around. He seems to be looking forward to the season opener.

“Although I have an important mission to pull off as a driver this year, I am not that worried. Since my companion, Yamauchi, is a rival who I fought with before, I want the both of us to be able to cope with any situation in a form like that of a double ace. I have a strong feeling that we both want to show the speed of the BRZ.”

However, their enemy, FIA-GT3 seems likely to be a formidable rival towards the championship. Also, Good Smile Racing, the team that won the driver’s championship last year, will swtich their vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz SLS this year. It is likely that they too will show a powerful performance in the opening round together with GAINER that won the team title. On another note, Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 that had five entries last year made additional significant improvement this year to further enhance their racing force. The camp is also confident towards the double championship in the GT500 class.

Regarding this, Iguchi said, “The body frame of the vehicle is significantly being reviewed and manufactured based on our reflections of last year. Changing the tire to Dunlop will also become a major factor. I think that we can fight equally with the enemy’s GT3 by improving parts that have been issues last year. First off all, since both the vehicle and the tires are important, we want to focus working on these in the test. I think that we can certainly win against the enemy GT3 if this goes well.

What kind of performance will the team with this new system show us this year? We will be unable to take our eyes off of Iguchi’s efforts as Ace and the Subaru BRZ, in the season opening.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)