Register to buy a Limited Edition Honda Monkey 50th Anniversary Special Starting July 21

Honda will start offering customers the chance to purchase one of the 500 limited edition Monkey bikes, the Monkey 50th Anniversary Special, slated to be the last model in the bike’s lifespan.

The Monkey 50th Anniversary Special has steel front and back fenders along with a steel gas tank, headlight casing, and chrome plated side covers, all in an attempt to make this last iteration of the bike the most beautiful yet. Also, with a suspension system coated in black played against the cushion’s checkered pattern, the bike certainly gives off a chic look. The tank badge also comes with a revived, retro wing logo, while the side covers have special 50th anniversary embossed emblems that are also featured on top of the fuel tank, at the back of the seat, and on the key.

Due to tightening of emissions restrictions, Honda realized that continuing to produce the Monkey would prove difficult in the future and therefore decided to end production of the bike in August of this year. Honda is getting ready to start negotiations for selling 500 of this last run of the motorbike, and if you’d like to buy one yourself, you’ll need to go to the Honda homepage and register for a meeting with a sales representative. The registration period runs between July 21 and August 21, and if registrants exceed the limited number of bikes for sale, then the company plans to hold a raffle for who gets the bikes.

The Monkey 50th Anniversary Special goes for ¥432,000 ($3,853 USD).

Written by: Toshiya Hanabusa

Translated by: Bryce Clarke