New camper and motorcycle rental available from Kizuki Rental Service at Narita Airport

On June 1, Kizuki Rental Service started a service where customers can rent a luxury motorcycle and camper together at the Narita Airport Camping Car Rental Center. Kizuki Rental Service is a Japan-wide service offered by Rental 819.

In recent years, as the idea of sharing gains traction, the demand for rental motorcycles and campers has been on the increase. This is why these two industry giants are offering this new “6-Wheel Rental” plan (Four camper wheels + two motorcycle wheels). It’s a style that allows, for example, Dad to take out the motorcycle while Mom and the kids enjoy the camper.

Narita Airport Camping Car Rental Center is opening a Narita Airport branch for the Moto Tours Japan subsidiary of Kizuki Rental Service to specialize in motorcycle touring. It is located 15 minutes from Narita Airport by car and has a large area and warehouse. Campers and motorcycles can be rented by telephone or through its homepage.

Toshiya Kouketsu @ Days
(Translated by Greg Scott)