Mugen unveils E. Rex electric motocross bike

On the 24th, Mugen M-TEC, whose Shinden electric racing bike has won 3 times at the Isle of Man TT Races, unveiled its cutting edge Mugen E. Rex electric motocross racer.

It has a skeleton cover that looks like it wraps over the powertrain in a style that is reminiscent of an unearthed dinosaur fossil. This is why it’s called “E. Rex.” It takes its name after the largest meat-eating dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Hikaru Miyagi, who is the Shinden’s development rider, said, “An electric motor doesn’t require clutch operation. The left and right lever is the front and back brake so you can concentrate on riding without worrying about it.”

Written by Minami Nakajima

(Translated by Greg Scott)