Honda Monkey to stop production in August

Honda has decided that they will end production of their 50cc bike, the Monkey, as of August of this year. President of Honda Motorcycle Japan Chiaki Kato announced this at a press conference held at the company’s booth during the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2017.

Mr. Kato said that “Since the first generation Monkey, the Monkey Z50M, first sold in 1967, the bike has gained over 50 years of history to its name. That our Monkey would be beloved for its charming design and dependable engine for half a century has led us to produce the Monkey 50th Anniversary and Monkey 50th Anniversary Special models, though these unfortunately will be the last Monkeys we plan to produce.”

After the press conference, Mr. Kato offered to a group of reporters that “From this year on, the models that we produce will have stricter emissions regulations. Simply, in terms of technology and cost, getting a small exhaust producing vehicle to pass the 3 stages of European emissions regulations will be extremely difficult,” which ultimately led to the decision to halt production of the bike.

Written by Tetsuya Komatsu

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)