Yamaha to cease production of long-seller VMAX this summer with just 120 left

It has come to light that Yamaha will cease production of the long-time bike fan favorite, the VMAX, this August. The company’s official sites says that it plans to build 120 but could produce less, depending on circumstances. For fans, this is truly sad news.

The VMAX has a muscular and macho body equipped with a V4 engine that offers wicked acceleration. The first generation model was born in 1985 as an export model to North America. With its muscular body design and unique ride feel, it didn’t fit into any easy category and it quickly took the bike world by storm, eventually getting a Europe and Japan release.

A big name in the company’s domestic Japan lineup from 1990 to 1999 as well, total production by the end of 2007 had reached approximately 100,000 units.

A full model change in 2008 raised its engine capacity from 1,198 to 1,679cc. Yamaha released a new domestic model for Japan in 2009.

Yamaha says, “The VMAX is a highly prized asset.” The company sees it as an important model, saying it is a symbol of the sense of combining man and machine that’s the spirit of its Yamaha craftsmanship.

Written by Takao Aoki

(Translated by Greg Scott)