Honda to release new Candy Prominence Red for NC750X

Honda Motor Company has established its new Candy Prominence Red finish for the NC750X and will release this new color on February 17.

The NC750X is a high-performance sport bike featuring a 750cc inline two-cylinder engine that offers exceptional fuel efficiency and powerful handling. It has garnered rave reviews for its easy-to-use large luggage rack and its Honda-exclusive dual clutch transmission (DCT).

This time, for each trim Honda has established its brand new Candy Prominence Red that offers an urbanized look. Candy Prominence Red is the fourth color to be added to its existing lineup, which also features Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, Pearl Glare White and Glint Wave Blue Metallic.

The NC750X is priced at 743,040 yen, the NC750X (ABS) at 793,800 yen, the NC750X DCT (ABS) at 859,680 yen and the NC750X DCT (ABS) E Package (w/ ETC reader and grip heaters) at 924,480 yen. Each trim also features a lowered Type LD for the same prices.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)