Yamaha releases first strategic model for Africa

Yamaha announced that it is releasing the CRUX Rev, its first strategic model for Africa equipped with an air-cooling 110cc engine, in April. Afterwards, it will roll the model out for Central America and the Caribbean.

The Crux Rev is the company’s first model developed for Africa and is based on thorough field studies. It was developed in consideration of each country’s traffic environment and commercial use as a next-generation basic street bike. It’s a highly practical model with excellent fuel economy provided by a Blue Core engine, flat seat to support comfortable tandem riding, rear carrier for storage. There is a kick-start spoke wheel version and a cast-iron wheel version. The price is around $900 USD but varies by country.

The motorcycle market for Africa, Central America and the countries of the Caribbean has changed to about 3,600,000 bikes and about half of them are 100-150cc models used as motorcycle taxis. The Crux was originally developed for India, but it was introduced to the markets of Africa, Central America and the Caribbean at the beginning of the 2000s. It has received an excellent response from these markets, in Africa as a motorcycle taxi and in Central America and the Caribbean as an entry commuter model and delivery bike. The demand for motorcycle taxis and delivery bikes is expected to grow in the coming years and local users are eagerly awaiting new models that offer fuel economy, a reasonable price, quality and durability.

Most Crux Rev models are built in India by India Yamaha Motor, but CFAO Yamaha Motor Nigeria plans to start local production as well sometime in 2017.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu

(Translated by Greg Scott)