Yamaha FZ25

Yamaha introduces high end street model bike FZ25 to Indian market

Yamaha announced that from February of this year, it would begin selling a new model bike, the FZ25, a new street model loaded with the company’s next generation engine, the Blue Core in India.

The FZ25 is a bike, perfect for running through city streets, mounted with the fuel injected 250 cc single-cylinder engine on a 148 kg lightweight body. With LED head lights and LCD meters that appeal to it’s cutting edge nature, the design of the bike takes the athletic, toned motif and gives it more of a forward mass, downforce sensibility to its style.

The bike will cost ₹119,500 ($1,760 USD).

At 18,000,000 units sold each year, the Indian two wheeler market is the largest in the world, with 60% of that being taken up by bikes between 100cc and 150cc. Yamaha introduced the FZ series in 2008, and while it falls into the high price category in India, having sold over 1,300,000 units it has made a name for itself in terms of popularity. With the introduction of the FZ25, the company hopes to round out its FZ series, and increase the scope for high end bike in India around the board.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]