Yamaha MT-09 ABS gets some minor changes for the first time, improving performance

For the first time, Yamaha has made minor changes to its MT-09 ABS, a combination of naked and supermoto style bikes, and will begin selling the new iteration from 15 February.

In order to give the the bike greater responsiveness and a lighter clutch, the new version of the bike uses an A&S (assist and slipper) clutch that combines an assist cam and a slipper cam, making the clutch load 20% less when compared to previous models.

The bike also now comes with a quick shift system or QSS that promptly and smoothly allows for upshifting. If a switch on the shift lever rod detects shift lever movement, ECU calculations work to correct engine output, momentarily cancelling out the torque of gears running against each other, helping for a smoother upshifting process.

The 41 mm handstand front fork with inner tubing now comes with a pressure decay adjustment feature. The bike now utilizes 4 floating LED head lamps while the area around the radiator ow has side fins and large air scoops, affording a more compact, powerful impression.

The rear fender has a license plate holder that doubles as an aluminium handle, giving the bike more of a short tail look. The rear tires and wheels are green when viewed from the right side, and the license plate holder seems to float along behind the bike.

Yamaha states that they plan to produce 2,000 units over the course of the year which will cost ¥1,004,400 ($8,764 USD).

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]