Honda CB1100 RS

Honda CB1100 Series gets some revamps and a new, sporty RS model

Honda announced on 20 January how several improvements would be made to the large size road sports bikes, the CB1100 and the CB1100 EX while also announcing a new model as well, the CB1100 RS.

The next iterations of the CB1100 series, in keeping with the tradition of having a handsome design, now gives off a move rich, rising sound reminiscent of an inline-four engine with its newly designed symmetrical, 2 pronged, small, lightweight muffler. Furthermore, with comparatively 16% less load on the clutch, the unit now comes with a smoother, more pleasant assist slipper clutch.

In addition to this, the CB1100 EX which uses spokes now also comes with newly designed 18 inch aluminium rims and small hubs. In trying to further the traditional style and attention to the smallest of details these bikes are known for, these new models weigh in at 255 kg, 5 kg less than their forerunners.

The CB1100 RS uses17 inch aluminium cast wheels for a sportier ride, a 26 degree caster, a Showa SDBV front fork, rear cushion with reserve tank, and a newly designed aluminium swing arm. 3 kg lighter than the CB1100 EX, the bike handles quite nimbly.

The CB1100 runs for ¥1,152,360 ($10,055 USD), and with the E package that comes with ETC is ¥1,220,400 ($10,650 USD). The CB1100 EX runs for ¥1,338,120 ($11,675 USD) and the CB1100 RS is ¥1,378,080 ($12,025 USD).

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]