Suzuki GSX250R

Suzuki to release new GSX250R road sports bike in April

Suzuki will unveil its new road sports bike the GSX250R on April 17.

A global road sports bike that was first unveiled at the Milano Show in November, 2016, the GSX250R combines sporty styling with ease-of-use for everyday riding.

The power unit has a water-cooling 2-cylinder 248cc engine that puts out 24.5ps and 22Nm of torque. Its reduced friction and improved combustion ratio make it versatile at any speed for city driving. It also gets an excellent fuel economy of 41.0/km.

Based on the concept of “Urban Athlete,” its image is designed to portray a refreshing ride in the city or the suburbs. Its sporty design that follows a line to the end of the tail cowling and features such as separate handlebars and separate front and back seats give it a comfortable riding position.

GSX250R sales started in China in December, 2016, and it’s set for releases in Japan, Europe and then other countries from April, 2017.

The price is 527,040 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)