Honda Riding Assist (CES 2017) (c) Getty Images

CES 2017: Honda’s Bike That Won’t Tumble, The Riding Assist, Wins 3 Awards

On 9 January, it was announced that Honda had won three awards for their “Riding Assist” concept model motorcycle that the company displayed during CES 2017, held between 5 and 8 January.

The Honda Riding Assist won two awards from the official CES award partner Engadget in the Best of CES 2017 category for “Best Innovation” and “Best Automotive Technology.” Furthermore, the bike also won an Editors’ Choice Award from the American magazine Popular Mechanics in the Best of CES category.

Riding Assist utilizes proprietary balance control software brought over from research the company made for its line of humanoid robots, ASIMO, in the scope of two wheeler motorcycles. With or without a rider on top, the bike will stand up of its own accord, and if a rider happens to disturb the bike’s balance, the motorcycle will automatically compensate and correct for this, greatly diminishing wobbliness at slow speeds and even tumbling. Despite this, the bike still affords handling that is in line with current generation motorcycles.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]