Intermot 2016 (source: Intermot)

Intermot ’16: Kawasaki Shows Off Six 2017 Models including Ninja1000

On 4 October at Intermot 2016 in Cologne, Germany, Kawasaki Heavy Industries showed off six upcoming 2017 European models.

Kawasaki brought their sports tourer, the Ninja1000 (known in Europe as the Z1000SX. The super high performance, aggressive bike displayed a number of new, practical features. The addition of an LED headlamp gives a sharper impression, the new engine, a 1043cc water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder engine, has been switched to the ECU program, allowing for better control and comfort. Changes to the screen and fairing allow for lowered wind resistance, which along with the larger, more supportive seat makes the bike excellent for touring.

The all-around sports bike, the Ninja650, also made an appearance, balancing between sportiness and comfort. The lightweight, compact 649cc water-cooled four-stroke parallel two-cylinder engine provides powerful torque and a sharp kick from the throttle.

Kawasaki also had the flagship model of the Ninja series on display, showing off a street legal, limited production model, the Ninja H2 Carbon, and the closed course variant, the Ninja H2R. Their super charged engines and complete chassis management package, known as KCMF (Kawasaki Cornering Management Function), make them truly high dimension sport bikes.

Otherwise, there was the Ninja ZX-10R variant, the Ninja ZX-10RR. The bike has seen several changes to engine specifications, and a collaboration with Italian wheel manufacturer Marchesini resulting in new forged aluminium wheels, makes the bike excellent for the circuit.

Representing Kawasaki’s Z series was the Z1000, the bike with the largest displacement of the Z series. Along with smoother acceleration due to changes to the ECU program, the bike conforms to Euro 4 emissions standards. Via changes to the suspension and brake adjustments, the bike presents a more aggressive character and yields better control.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]