Yamaha 05GEN

Yamaha unveils two new GEN mobility concept models

Yamaha has continued its “Refined Dynamism” philosophy by releasing its 5th and 6th GEN concept models, the 05GEN and 06GEN.

Yamaha designers gave a nod to architect Toyo Ito and his “island craftsmanship” concept used for Omishima Island in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. Both models create a new standard of efficiency in movement in terms of speed and driving distance. The mobility vehicles are designed for relaxed traveling in daily life or on a trip. The concept is to “bring people together and bring people and places together.”

05GEN is a 3-wheel mobility vehicle equipped with electric assistance technology that seems to wrap gently around the user. The roof with its open feeling and compact body give the user a comfortable distance that’s close to the people around them. Designed for daily outings, it protects the user from light rain or excessive sunshine.

The 06GEN is an electric 4-wheeler looks like a porch that is neither fully inside or outside. The wide-open construction which is achieved by its slow speed and curvy yet soft design create an inviting and intimate way to reach your destination.

Both models will be displayed at a sneak preview of the re-opening of Omishima’s museum on July 2 and a talk on July 3. Afterwards, the museum will display the 05GEN only.

(Translated by Greg Scott)