2016 Honda Grom

Honda gives Grom 125cc sports bike an exterior upgrade with LED headlights and more

Honda has given the stylish Grom 125cc sports model an exterior upgrade and the new model goes on sale June 9.

The Grom has been exceedingly popular since its June 2013 release because of its compact, easy-to-use size and many unique features such as front and back disc brakes and handstand front suspension.

The changes this time around give it a more aggressive style. New LED headlights give the front face a unique look. The body shape has an edgier design for a more masculine image. The new hinge-type tank cap makes refueling easier and it’s the first bike to get Honda’s Retractable Key, an ignition key that folds. The idea behind the changes is to make the model more playful.

Honda is offering three colors, Pearl Valentine Red, Lemon Ice Yellow and Pearl Himalayas White. The price is 345,600 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)