Kawasaki KLX110L

Kawasaki to release 2017 KX Series from July 1

Kawasaki is set to release the 2017 commercial motocross KX Series on July 1.

The top model KX450F has improvements to the undercarriage and its riding power. There are also the KLX110L, KX100, KX85-II, KX85 and KX65. These models offer color and graphic variations but are otherwise the same. There are no significant other changes.

The prices are 926,640 yen for the KX450F, 266,760 yen for the KLX110L, 401,760 yen for the KX100, 380,160 yen for the KX85-II, 369,360 yen for the KX85, and 304,560 yen for the KX65.

(Translated by Greg Scott)