Honda PCX Special Edition

Honda offers new limited edition colors for the PCX series

Honda is offering a special edition version of the PCX and PCX150 scooters with special colors. The PCX and PCX150 combine a stylish exterior with excellent eco-friendly performance. Orders are limited and started on April 22.

The PCX series is popular with a wide range of demographics. Its exterior is stylish and offers a luxury feel with features such as LED lights. Meanwhile, its eSP scooter engine offers excellent environmental performance.

The new colors are the luxurious Pearl Jasmine White and virile Poseidon Black Metallic. The limited edition models have these colors for the body and red stripes with graphics going from the front cover to the body cover. Red coloring for the seat stitching, rear suspension springs and body cover’s emblem give it a sporty image.

Orders will be taken from April 21 to July 31. The PCX is 340,200 yen and the PCX is 371,520 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)