Saluto RX

Yamaha introduces 110cc Saluto RX with new engine for India

Yamaha announced that sales of its new Saluto RX 110c street bike for India will start at the end of April.

The Saluto RX holds an approximately 60% share of sales in the 100cc-125cc category in India with 16,000,000 sales yearly. This is the category with the highest demand in India. It was designed as the “Next Generation 110cc Street Model.”

The newly developed 110cc blue core engine, optimized combustion chamber shape, cylinder fin efficient arrangement and

Through its optimized combustion chamber shape, efficient cylinder fin arrangement that takes cooling into consideration, and an optimal control system for loss-reduction and ignition timing, the newly developed 110cc blue core engine offers 13% better fuel efficiency than previous model.

Due to advances in technology, it’s 98kg weight equipped, making it the lightest model in its class. It has a smooth and accented design from the front mask and tank back to the seat that borrows from the luxury Saluto.

The price is 64,400 Indian rupees (about 79,000 yen). Yamaha hopes to sell 60,000 annually in India.

(Translated by Greg Scott)