Suzuki GSX-R1000 at 2016 Tokyo Motorcycle Show

2016 Tokyo Motorcycle Show: Suzuki unveils model with even more HP than the Falcon

Suzuki presented 12 mass market models and 7 concept models at the 2016 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Needless to say, the big draw was the first appearance in Japan of the GSX-R1000. Admirers of the bike joke that if you attached wings to it, it would fly.

Someone related to Suzuki excitedly reported, “It’s not on sale yet so we can’t discuss specs in detail but it was developed with the aim of being the number one sports bike. Suzuki is very confident of its merits. We want to release it as soon as possible.”

Its horsepower supposedly surpasses the impressive 198 of the Falcon and it reportedly offers a whole other dimension in speed and acceleration.

All of this is happening in a time of complete downturn in Suzuki’s motorcycle business. The company has failed to shed its tendency to go in the red with its motorcycles, and President Toshihiro Suzuki says the company is looking for ways to beat this slump. “We have to do something with our motorcycle business,” he says. “We need to rejuvenate our brand image by developing sporty bikes.”

The GSX-R1000 may be the model that brings the brand back. This is an opportunity to boost the appeal of Suzuki bikes and reestablish the brand image which could pull the company out of its motorcycle sales slump.

(Translated by Greg Scott)