The Yamaha Tricity 155 is equipped with the Blue Core engine which takes performance and environmental efficiency to a new level.

2016 Osaka Motorcycle Show: The Tricity 155, the Yamaha booth’s secret weapon

Yamaha had an ace up its sleeve at its booth at the 2016 Osaka Motorcycle Show – the Tricity 155cc three-wheeler with two wheels in front. Yamaha says it plans to release it as a mass market model.

The power train is the Blue Core engine, which Yamaha says it will roll out in both developing and developed countries. It’s a next-gen compact engine that takes both performance and environmental efficiency to a new level.

It appears to be a model that’s fun to ride with its light and sporty handling and stability, as well as powerful with its 155cc engine. It looks like a great model for highway riding.

The Tricity has also earned a reputation as a racing machine. It won the season finals at the Finland GP and Czechoslovakia GP in 1977, the year of its debut. It won 4 of 11 races with Kenny Roberts the following year, and was the YZR500 (OW35K) that made the daring step of winning three races in a row at the World GP500.

The Tricity is the first model equipped with Yamaha Power Valve System. The system controls the exhaust timing and has an exhaust valve that can control the reduction of torque valley, which shorten its lap time dramatically.

Racer Katsuyuki Nakasuga plans to give a talk about the model on March 21 from 15:00 to 15:20.

(Translated by Greg Scott)